Your Education

We have responded to numerous national policy consultations about the future provision of education, including the Teaching Excellence Framework

Carried out a successfulNSS boycott for a third year running

University policy improved on paid paternal leave which means dads now get improved support while studying as well

Target Schools went from strength to strength with more school shadowing days, running 12 across the year. This helps to increase access to Oxford.With now over 300 students trained to deliver it as well

We established Access & Academic Rep forums to better support work in colleges

Access has been at the heart of our agenda this year, some of our work include hosting an access conference, working with the university to set ambitious targets and supported students with their own work on it

Oxford SU DisabilitiesCampaign launched a comprehensive report on the accessibility of the college and university libraries

Teaching Awards

We restyled the teaching awards to be even more inclusive with new awards, more student judges and a stunning new venue